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If Leadership Development is so Important why do so Many Companies Do it so Poorly…If at All?

Who knows! Well okay now that the cynicism is out I can answer the question. Leadership is generally a poorly understood phenomenon. We all seem to understand it and recognize it when we see it, but few of us if

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How can I figure out what aspects of leadership I am good at?

This is a great question! First Break All the Rules If you can figure this one out for yourself you will be well on your way to becoming an effective leader. To answer this question well we have to make

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Dealing with Boomers

The generation born prior to the mid 1960’s was part of a world of wealth and success. Their parents had returned from WWII victorious. The United States was about to enter into a period of prosperity that had not been

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WHAT…are those baby boomers thinking?!

Todays organizations are filled with individuals making up at least three generations baby boomers, Gen X and Gen Y. Each of these groups looks at the workplace differently. These differences play a pivotal role in the answer to todays question.

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Leading from “another” chair

So, you have probably heard the old cliche that you don’t need authority to lead. No matter what position you hold in an organization, a leader can function in a leadership capacity regardless. What do you think? Do you believe

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How do Leaders Develop?

How do leaders develop? Now here is a question you can sink your teeth into. What is the process? Do you train them, do you throw them in the deep end, do you send them off to college, to the Army,

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Is a leader born or made?

Here is a question that is bound to stir up debate. Well which is it? Even the theorists cannot agree. Some say it can be taught and judging by the  1.8 MILLION hits leadership development gets on Google, many would

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