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Leadership Development Training

Leadership Development Training   Last Thursday I traveled to San Diego for a leadership development training event hosted by the Center for Creative Leadership. As I think back on the trip I realize I passed by numerous areas that have

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Born Versus Made Revisited

  Last week I traveled to San Diego CA to listen to a talk by Jim Kouzes. He and Barry Posner are the authors of the book The Leadership Challenge. This book is in my top five leadership books and

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What is the most important leadership attribute?

Charisma?… please! Good Looks?… no Speaking skill?… not quite Problem Solving ability?…well maybe…no Empathy interpersonal skill?…hmmm no not that either Integrity / honesty?… Yes thats it! Don’t take my word for it check out one of the best leadership books

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HALT! Who Are You?! Where Are You Going?!

I once read a story of a priest who was out for an evening stroll and was stopped by a soldier on patrol. The soldier barked, Halt! Who are you? Where are you going? The Priest, startled at first, regained

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Well What is the difference between a Manager and a Leader?

Right, no text books that doesn’t cut it in the real world. Start quoting theorists and watch as the faithful roll their eyes and back away from the “consultant”. Back away from the expert nice and slow maybe no one

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A Plug and a Tool

I am a huge fan of the website Mike Auzenne and Mark Horstman in my opinion run a tight ship on how to be an effective manager. Whoa what was that? MANAGER!!? I thought this was a leadership development

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Hey, Its been a while…

Sorry everyone, I took a short hiatus to get my stuff in order. Translation: I have been fully engaged in leading my own team and had limited time to invest in the development of others. It is the reality of

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Leadership Development, Is it a black box or What?!

Are you familiar with the phrase black box? It is a phrase used to describe a process that most people cannot understand. Rather than investing in figuring out how it works it is easier to describe it as some mystical

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