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Leadership Development: Present Moment Awareness

Hey Leader… At this very moment, where are you? Not just physically but emotionally, spiritually and any other “ly” you could consider. Are you present in this moment? Are you hyper-aware of your surroundings? Do you know who you are and

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Leadership Development: 7 Tips for Leadership Effectiveness

So did you get them? Did you read the seven tips for leadership success? I would really love your feedback on them. If you remember tip #1 Protect your Integrity, this is me walking the talk. Give me feedback please.

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Leadership Development Training: Purpose

Have you ever thought about why you are here, on this planet, right now? What is your purpose? If you have fantastic! If you have more than thought about it and have a clear answer to the question then this

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Thanks Leader

Hey everyone Thanks for reading this blog and reflecting on the questions I pose. As we her in the USA celebrate thanksgiving, I want to offer you my best for a wonderful holiday. I believe it is a leaders responsibility

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Leadership Skills

What leadership skill would you work on if you could only choose one? I would improve my ability to communicate. Not in the traditional sense. I would first learn to listen and understand others. Want a great way to do

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Leadership Seminars

Last week I was interviewed by a student from my grad school. One of her questions was how do you train leaders? I looked at her with a mixture of surprise and contempt. I don’t train leaders, nor do I

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What is Leadership

I was searching through google keywords earlier and was surprised to see that a significant number of people still ask this fundamental question. I suppose that before you can get involved in leadership development, it might help to have a

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Navy Leadership Development

Navy Leadership Development   Saturday the Naval Academy beat Notre Dame for the first time since the 1960’s, a 43 year record. I chuckled while in triple over time Notre Dame unsuccessfully tried to run the ball on a two

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Leadership Development Seminar: Saying Thank You and Meaning It

A few weeks ago I was in my local Starbucks, my third place per their culture. While there the store manager and I struck up a conversation. I shared with her how great a job her staff had done at

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