Monthly Archives: January 2008

NFC Championship Game and Fedex Ground Again!

Once again Fedex’s Marketing department hit a homerun with me (or perhaps scored a touchdown?). Midway through the NFC championship game, another Fedex commercial comes on. I really had not expected another new commercial and it caught me off guard

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Can you teach…or learn integrity?

Yesterday I was surfing around in web 2.0 when I came across a neat survey on Colleague Ron Ackerhad asked the question, what is the most important quality for a leader? This got me thinking as the responses poured

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What is the largest challenge for todays new leader

What a great question! Stephanie Oden asked this question on Linked In yesterday and I felt compelled to weigh in. What did I say? Check it out. Stephanie What a great question which almost demands an “it depends” answer. A

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“AUTHENTIC” Fedex Orange Bowl Commercial

Last night during the Fedex Orange bowl I saw a couple of new Fedex commercials. One in particular set me off laughing hysterically. Picture this: a video conference with the stern faced manager handing out clear directions to his off

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