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Leadership Survey… Can you help

Recently I designed a survey on Survey Monkey to explore in more detail what people, you, want in terms of leadership training and development. My goal is to use the data from the survey to not only inspire future posts

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The Dip: A Book Review

Now here is something I have not done on this site, shared a review of a book. I read quite a bit and love to share so over the next several months I will do this a few more times.

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Balancing our Frenetic Lives

If we are not careful it is easy to fall into the trap of running a nonstop marathon called life. What with work, family, church, volunteering, school, hobbies, and fitness it seems to have no end. Now consider the external

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No! A Leader would not lie for his boss…

A few weeks back a question was asked relating to leadership integrity, would leader lie for his boss? A case study was laid out in which our hero Steve was asked by is boss Reed to attend a meeting on

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The “Committee” Word

It’s all well and good for me to rant about the word committee. Yes they drive me nuts when poorly facilitated. But what happens when you cannot get out of one? It happens to all of us more often than

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Developing Leaders now has Sound!

Look out everyone the technically challenged (me) figured out how to post MP3 files finally! I had hoped to add these to the site experience and now I have. They are still under development so when you listen to a

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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Would you like to join our committee? Well NO Actually!

Committee Is it possible for a nine letter word to mimic a four letter word? When it comes to this word I believe so. The life of a leader is often filled with meetings. This is not a bad thing

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Phew!!! The Site is back!

Earlier this week I encountered a techno weenie error that took Developing Leaders down. I have to tell you I hate all things computer other than using them when they make a job easier. All the ftp and html and

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Are the Toronto Jays afraid of the Yankees?

Well There are of course two sides to every coin. After reading the story from the New York Times yesterday I went to the Star, The Toronto Star. I read the article of the opening day Toronto loss from the

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The End of the Yankees???

I am not much of a baseball fan but today marked an important milestone. The New York Yankees beat the Toronto Blue Jays in their last home opener at Yankee stadium. Here is the link to the New York Times

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