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Linked In Leadership: An exchange with Joel Landoe

Our next contributor to the leadership development question is Joel Landoe. Joel is a supplier quality engineer in the aerospace industry in the pacific north west. If you get a moment check out Joel’s blog over at blogger. I found

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Sales = Leadership? Linked In Style

Well the question is now closed and we have a number of opinions to sort through. A number of people allowed me to quote them while some did not. So some will get credit and quoted while others will be

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Career Development: The Adventures of Johnny Bunko

Last week author Daniel Pink emailed me to ask if I had read his latest book, The Adventures of Johnny Bunko. Mr Pink and I have had a number of discussions on his other two books A Whole New Mind

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Leadership Development Community

So what did you think of Tessa’s post? Great wasn’t it! As you read it and consider many of the posts we have written here at develop a leader dot com you will see remarkable similarity. Leadership is situational Tessa

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Contributing Blogger Tessa van Mourik: Leadership Development

Hello there, My name is Tessa van Mourik, I am a psychologist and a professional coach and trainer based in the Netherlands. Ron and I actually met in cyberspace, through the Linked In Q&A pages. Ron invited me to send

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Linked In Leadership: Next…Sujatha Das

Well after a well deserved break we are baack talking about how real leaders develop themselves. Do they use leadership training or more traditional leadership development techniques such as mentoring, education, coaching etc. Our next guest on this series is

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Leadership = Sales: Break!

Hey everyone We decided that in honor of the American memorial day holiday to take a few days down here at develop a leader dot com. We are back though and ready to talk about important issues. Today we will

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Management Resources

Every now and again I like to share what I am reading and listening to as often this will influence my perspective on the blog. Today I want to share three resources that all have a management flavor. Regardless of

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Linked In Leadership: An Exchange with Cyril Rayan

You know I meet a number of interesting people through blogging and other social media. The diversity of backgrounds and perspectives never ceases to impress me. Invariably when you really consider what others are saying you can find common ground

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Linked In Leadership: And Marketing?

One of the most fascinating aspects of Linked In is that people can leverage this social media tool to make money. How do they do so? Well there are many ways. Two of my connections have written on this subject

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