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$5.00 Gasoline: The bright side?

First question that comes to your mind – “Is this Logan guy out of his mind?  I drive an Excursion an 8.1Liter V8 Yukon XL, a Hummer, a Suburban, a Land Rover…etc!” Answer:  Quite possibly, yes.  It is a sad

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Developing Leaders: Collaborative Leadership Book Application Workshop

Engagement   How exactly would a leader go about creating this elusive characteristic of a high performance employee?   Is there something that can be done, some trick to use, strategy to employ? How do you do it?   I

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Google Leadership Development Question

What can human resource management do to develop leaders and managers? As the site grows we are finding that people searching for answers to some pretty practical questions are finding us here at develop a leader dot com. For instance

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Linked In Leadership: An Exchange with Anand Vidwansa

Time to get back into the Linked In Question: How do you develop yourself as a leader? I want to talk about the response from Anand Vidwansa a software engineer from India. What struck me about Anand’s response was the

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$5.00 gasoline: Coping with a new leadership reality

You know I am often asked how to be more effective at a particular aspect of leadership. How can I be a great communicator? How can I be more effective leading change? How can I figure out the vision for

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Thanks all you Developing Leaders!

Hey everyone I want to thank each and every one of you for making developing leaders the success that it has become. In the past week we ticked past a few very cool milestones. We have five contributing authors and

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Hey Gallup Management Journal: Good Job!

“People are our greatest asset” Well after slamming the article in the GMJ about a tribal knowledge article a few weeks back I felt compelled to go back and read some more. I found an article on managing. I have

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Integrity and Leadership: Does a leader need to be unethical?

  As you know our first tip in the effective leadership series was “protect your integrity”. You can still receive the series by joining the email list if you have not done so already. Also we are happy to share

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The Challenge of Leadership: Managing Disappointment

People will disappoint you I was sitting with my wife today discussing a story of a monumental mix up of a process and this thought came to me. People will disappoint you. It will happen, unfortunately it will happen often.

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Where have all the leaders gone?: A vision of an oil-less energy future

Where have all the leaders gone? When you consider all the needs in our world you have to ask; where have all the leaders gone? When you see inflation running rampant at the gas pumps you have to ask; where

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