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Living, Leading and Succeeding Happier and Better: Commitment 4

The commitment to communicating the vision:  Creating architecture of meaning that is conveyed not only by words but by actions, by the determination the passion the leader has for the vision and by his/her ability to communicate this vision.  Developing

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Living, Leading and Succeeding Happier and Better: Commitment 3

The commitment to purpose and vision: Creating a moral architecture, common purpose, a goal that speaks to something meaningful, purposeful that will engage others and is the common ground, the common goal that will be shared and cherished. The moral

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Living, Leading and Succeeding Happier and Better: Commitment 2

The commitment to the empowerment of self and others:  Creating a social or human architecture that will gather the commitment of others who want to lead collaboratively, because leadership and success today are achieved through servant or collaborative leadership.  The

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Plugging A Really Good Newsletter

A while back on the Cranky Middle Manager Podcast (I do recommend this by the way Wayne interviews the people leaders like to listen to and learn from) I discovered a guy named Wally Bock. Wally has a weekly newletter

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Living, Leading and Succeeding Happier and Better: Commitment 1

The commitment to lead and not follow.  Creating the architecture of what I call Q3 power.  Developing enhanced IQ, EQ, SQ. Great  leaders have always recognized and developed their intellectual capital, emotional capital and spiritual capital, because they recognized that

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Living, Leading and Succeeding Happier and Better

Creating the Architecture of Leadership in a World, Workplace and Marketplace of Change, Challenges, Volatility and Crises By Irene Rivka Becker, Chief Success Officer, Just Coach It, Are you ready to build the architecture of business, personal and inter-personal

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5 Dollar Gasoline: Automotive Crunch Mix

What is an Automotive leader to do? You are a senior leader of a once great automotive giant. A company that has been an icon of the american experience. Brand equity that goes beyond the obvious to the iconic. But

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General Motors: A Leadership Opportunity?!

Well after a well deserved break for the holidays Developing Leaders returns with a new angle on leadership and an opportunity for you to get into the game. Let’s talk about business leadership. Recently I was asked my opinion of

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Leadership Development Community Question Answered Part 2

What should an entrepreneur be thinking about as they start a new retail business from an inventory management point of view? Today we close out the question on inventory with Norman Katz. In this post Norman takes on a very

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Leadership development Coach Irene Becker: 3 Q’s Part 2

First let me say Happy fourth of July to all of our American community members. Consider well the meaning of todays celebration and the freedom it represents. This is a special day when we recall the history of a proud

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