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Where Can I Learn to Lead?

Right here. I have discovered something peculiar about people searching on the search engines. Those that find this site seem to ask questions like the title of this post. I discovered this because the most hit posts on the site

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How can I discover my Passion

A while back I wrote about what I consider the core of leadership, passion. Recently Change This shared a manifesto on passion by Dr Mani Sivasubramanian. As I read the manifesto I could not help but be reminded of why I believed

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Pat Lencioni: Leading in a Down Economy

I read an interesting article by Patrick Lencioni this morning that reminded me of the post I put up the other week. Patrick argued in his article “Well, so far I’ve resisted jumping onto the “down economy” bandwagon, not wanting to contribute

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Bad Leadership: The Peter Principle Personified

We received a question a while back asking about how to deal with someone promoted into a manager role who clearly did not deserve it. Someone who is not leadership material can reek havoc on an organization if improperly promoted. How should

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Trust Takes Time

Trust takes time   I received a question a while back from a reader who asked…   One of the biggest challenges I see in my work environment is a lack of trust among the leadership team.  We expect our staff

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AWOL Leadership: It has Been a While

It’s been a while since I last posted here on the site. Sorry about that but the day job gets in the way from time to time and the last 6 months have been at my capacity constantly.   What

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