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Hey Leader! Wanna go for a cup of coffee with me? Yeah, Right Now?

I was on twitter this morning and saw an interesting link to a management article. The name of the article initially caught my attention so I thought why not…   Here is the original article if you care to read

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Leadershp: There’s no Room for “I” in Leadershp

In April 2006 I stood on the precipice of the most significant educational accomplishment I had ever dreamed of realizing, a Masters of Science degree. On a bright hot spring day that month in southern California my wife and I walked

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Where You Coming From Man?!…

I read a great blog post this morning from an author named Susan Mazza. You can find her at Random Acts of Leadership and on twitter @Susanmazza. It is a great post thoughtful introspective and balanced. I particularly like the

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Are you in the Leadership Doldrums?

Lately I have been struggling with the repetitive nature of work. For me the excitement comes from the new and unexpected challenges that hit me throughout the day, week, month. I like dealing with new problems. When all the problems

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Twitter: The Ultimate Leadership Sport?

How do you know you are a leader? Turn around and see if anyone is following you goes the old cliche. Well as I looked at my twitter page I began to consider that Twitter just might be a great

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Do NOT promote B players

I read an interesting article in a HR e-zine this morning that made the argument to not to hire B or C grade people into a management team. The article caught my eye because of the provocative nature of the

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