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The Entrepreneurial Adventure: Still Trying to Start Well… (Week 1 Part 4)

Why work for yourself? Certainly there are benefits to being an entrepreneur. Lets face it some of us just are not cut out to work for someone else. I spent over 23 years working as an employee. Yes there are

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The Entrepreneurial Adventure: Still Trying to Start Well… (Week 1 Part 3)

The challenge of week 1 was multifaceted. Not only did i have to get comfortable with the ambiguity of not having a J O B but also with the uncertainty of managing cash flow at an intimate level, maintaining motivation

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The Entrepreneurial Adventure: Starting Out Well (Week 1 Part 2)

It was really strange to contemplate on Sunday afternoon what Monday would look like. I would wake up early on my first day of freedom and plan for a strategy day. A day where I could pray, reflect, center myself

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The Entrepreneurial Adventure

Leadership Coach goes Live   Week 1 was a blur.   It seemed that the world was full of possibilities. The days were winding down. The world (or at least my part of it) knew I was done. I had

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