50 Posts 50 Rules: Tom Peters on Leadership #10

Wow our first milestone 10 posts on Tom Peters 50 rules of leadership, only 40 more to go. Well back to it.


10. Leaders understand the ultimate power of relationships. If you have read my blog for any length of time you will undoubtedly know that I believe that leadership is a relational activity. You cannot lead if you in today’s world if you have poor relational skills. It just won’t work. You see people vote with their feet especially in the not for profit world where real leadership is necessary. In the business world you get the same thing just played out differently. A manager with poor leadership skills is followed. His requests are met. Unfortunately he gets only the bare minimum. People will not give their full effort, their passion to someone who does not deserve it. They will give only enough to avoid confrontation and sanction. The leader who makes connections, who listens with empathy, who patiently explains the vision again, who smiles and makes eye contact, who is trustworthy will get so much more. He will get peoples passion engaged and achieve results which are unheard of by the poor manager’s perspective.Can you learn to be relational? Yes I believe you can. You may never be an expert at it but you can learn. You can learn to listen, you can learn to empathize, you can learn to communicate with clarity, you can learn to protect your integrity.The real question is will you commit to this hard path of learning? Challenge: Watch Jerry Springer or Oprah one day. Just watch it no volume allowed. Pay attention to Jerry or Oprah’s body language, their gestures, their expressions. What did you see? 

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