50 Posts 50 Rules: Tom Peters on Leadership #11

11. Leaders multitask. It is interesting to me that on this rule and the previous one, Peters argues that women are better suited to leadership than are men. Well I agree, on these points they are. While this is a generalization and those are typically fraught with exceptions that render them meaningless, in this case the argument is valid. I have met few women who are not relational in nature. I have met few women who were not expert multi-taskers. I have met them certainly just not many of them.So yes in this aspect of leadership women definitely have the advantage.Multitasking…How the heck can you be an effective leader if you are poor at this? It would certainly be difficult. There is so much going on in leadership that requires attention. The ability to parse off discrete tasks and either work them to completion or delegate them all while considering 47 other similar tasks is critical. Can’t do it? Learn. Can’t learn? Go follow someone, maybe this leadership thing isn’t for you.Challenge: Watch an episode of the television reality show Hells Kitchen. Pay attention to how the chef contestants on each team interact with one another. How do they handle multitasking?

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