50 Posts 50 Rules: Tom Peters on Leadership #18

18. Leaders are good at forgetting. 

I was amused to read Peters’ discussion on this point. He used Enron as an example. How inappropriate does that seem NOW?! No I am not going to talk about Enron. I won’t do it, forget it…!

When I played hockey I used to love to be the goal tender. It was an intellectual position with a high physical demand. Play the angles right, learn the tendencies of the players you could get really good. Have fast reflexes and a rubber like body and man you could be great. 

Every now and again you would have a game where things would start off bad and threatened to just get worse. Well the thing I learned to overcome this was to have a short memory. I literally had to forget what the score was and play as if the next goal would cost my team the game. Play that way all game and it was amazing how many games went from bad to great.

You still have to learn from a mistake if you had made one, you just had to be sure to forget about the goal and not allow it to bring you down.

Challenge: What was your last mistake? Write down what you learned from it on a piece of paper then commit the learning to memory. Once memorized throw the paper in the trash and purposely forget the mistake.

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