50 Posts 50 Rules: Tom Peters on Leadership #19

19. Leaders bring in different dudes. 

Who is the best person for the vacancy in your team, department, division etc? The person with the best skills abilities and cultural fit. Certainly there are other factors as well but you want the best person. If you stop there you could potentially end up filling a vacancy with what I call the “cream of the crap“. The best person available internally may not be the best person overall.

When thinking about filling a key vacancy we need to be thinking about who would be a game changer in the position. So yes leaders bring in different dudes. They realize the importance of new fresh ideas and concepts. They know that an organization that solely promotes from within runs the risk of becoming irrelevant and out of touch. Clearly there must be a balance here internal promotion is inherently a good thing. Too much of anything though…

ChallengeWho was the last external hire into your organization? How many have been brought in from the outside in the past year (two years)? What proportion were promoted from within? How stable is your industry?

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