50 Posts 50 Rules: Tom Peters on Leadership #21

21. Leaders love to work with other leaders. 

The other day I met a guy who was in charge of a large corporation. I knew from the minute he opened his mouth to talk I was going to like working with him. He was a leader. Not because of his title or position but rather he had a passion for learning about leadership and about great historical leaders. In fact we talked about the lessons learned from Abraham Lincoln for quite a while. The time slipped past faster than a two minute drill in the NFL with no time outs remaining.


Other leaders get it. We speak differently; we think differently; we see the world differently. The future is almost a reality to us. People (non-leaders) rarely get this. They call it vision, intuition. They call us nuts sometimes. But other leaders get it.  Its like being able to speak to another person without the need of an interpreter for the very first time.

Challenge:Go find yourself a strong leader in a group that you do not normally interact with. Talk to them about what their goals are, where they are headed with their team. See how much you love talking to them

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