50 posts 50 rules: Tom Peters on Leadership 32

32. Leaders love technology. 

Yup they do. I am writing a blog managing a website sharing what I know about effective leadership. 4 years ago I did not think that “blog” was a word. Actually it wasn’t yet! I carry an I Phone that makes me feel almost ready to get on the bridge of the SS Enterprise for its maiden voyage into the stars. Yes it’s that good at convergence!

At the same time we must not get so enamored with technology that we forget that leadership is first about relationships. Pay more attention to your I Phone than your team and you will hear about it, trust me!

Challenge: What technology is changing your life right now? How is it doing it? How are you becoming aware of new technology trends? Is your means of discovery effective or placing you at the back of the crowd with the dust and smells?

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