50 Posts 50 Rules: Tom Peters on Leadership #34

34. Leaders know: Energy begets energy.

Way back when I was a teen I noticed something strange. I had certain friends I really wanted to be around. It was like they radiated energy, you could literally recharge yourself in their presence. I never forgot those early experiences. At the time I was too young to realize these gifted people were leaders. As of yet I had no idea what a leader was really. Later in my 20’s, in a leadership role myself I discovered the opposite side of this same coin. When I burned brightly, like a brilliant lamp of energy for a cause or purpose, there came others around me who seemed to feed off of my energy. When I slowed down their interest waned when I ramped up closer they came. This frustrated me at the time as it seemed that these folks were being rather self centered. The thing was I did not get it. This is what leadership is about. Someone people are attracted to for the right reasons. I am not talking about charisma but purpose. When you are connected to your deep seated purpose people will be attracted to the energy you radiate for that purpose. They will want to be near you support you and catch on to the dream of accomplishing something great. Likely they will not even realize they are doing it, they will just want to be around you.  

Challenge: Who is it that you just want to be near, be around. Who is it that you feel recharged to interact with. Ask yourself what behaviors do I see that make me feel this way. Maybe even offer them some affirmation of what they are doing

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