50 Posts 50 Rules: Tom Peters on Leadership 38

38. Leadership is a performance.


Okay when I first read this rule by Tom Peters I was thinking he was going to discuss performance as in measurable progress against a goal but he took a left turn here. He is talking about a performance as in being on stage. We discussed this very point in rule # 14, Leadership is an Improvisational Art. Leaders know that they are always on stage and to ignore this leads to problems. We must manage our behaviors to be consistent with the goals of our enterprise and at the same time be aware of the cause and effect relationship our personal behaviors have on followers. Be upbeat and positive and see if your team doesn’t have a brighter outlook. Come in tired and worn down and watch as your teams performance starts to ebb.

Challenge: Act slightly out of character for a day and watch how your team responds. Be smart about this don’t get them thinking you belong under psychiatric care.

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