50 Posts 50 Rules: Tom Peters on Leadership: 40

40. Leaders give everyone a cause.

Maybe I am getting a bit tired of this series but this rule seems so obvious as to be silly. Yet is it?

The other day I was considering the management model of theory X versus theory Y. As a manager myself the first time I took the test I was so far Y as to think the test was a hoax. Then other students in my graduate class began to rationalize their X viewpoint. I was floored how could anyone be that brain dead. After all this is an age of enlightenment. America has learned its lesson, people want to be empowered engaged, trusted. People have altruistic reasons, meaning generating reasons to work… Right?!

Wrong! Some do yes and others show up for a paycheck and are content to do exactly what they are told and no more each day.

So leaders do give many a cause and others don’t pay attention. They just keep doing their job and no more staying out of the realm of meaning generation. This is not to say that a leader should just give up, no they should work all the harder at their influence skills and try to get everyone on board. There are times though that they must be realistic and lead the majority rather than the entirety.

ChallengeGo online and take the basic theory X versus Theory Y test. Here is one I found online here (THEORY X Y Test) for no cost. It is not perfect but will make the point.Take the test focusing on how you manage and what kind of style you have. If you are way on the X side you just may have discovered why it is such a frstration and chore to motivate employees to follow your vision.

Oh ya the standard clause. Neither theory is right or wrong it is simply a representation of how people respond to situations.

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