50 Posts 50 Rules: Tom Peters on Leadership #5

5. Leaders love the mess.I have said many times that leadership is messy. If you think that you case have a nice neat orderly world and lead effectively good luck! Maybe there is a nice administrative military role in an obscure country that would like you. I don’t know where you could find such a peculiar world. No leadership is messy and leaders love it. We get to play with people and all their uniqueness finding order in the chaos of life and marshalling a bunch of individuals toward a noble goal. For me this is the crack cocaine of leadership, being able to find order in the chaos, finding the system that operates below the surface. The ability to do this is a high end leadership skill that many either do not have or fail to develop. Without it you will find it remarkably difficult to lead others. 

Challenge: Go watch a hockey game live or on television, live is better so you are not at the mercy of camera men and production people. Follow the left winger throughout the game. Look for the pattern of his motion. It is there always. He has a certain role and he will follow it with discipline. For the first timer hockey is a chaotic undisciplined looking sport but there is a carefully developed strategy moving at high speed just below the ice.

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