50 Posts 50 Rules: Tom Peters on Leadership #9

9. Leaders win through logistics.  In the post “Leaders love the mess” it may not have been obvious that despite the chaos and unpredictability of a leadership situation, the role of the leader is no not only identify systems and processes but to ensure that they work effectively. Leaders do not execute all the details but they certainly ensure that the details are taken care of. An army travels on more than bombs and bullets, it travels on gasoline, food, water and other necessities. All of these items must reach the front lines efficiently in order for the army’s advance not to stall. Back in the 40’s with the Germans mastering a technique called the blitzkrieg, what was the most effective strategy to defeat them? Allow the front to advance beyond the security of the supply lines. Cut the advance off by attacking the vulnerable backside of the army.So we need to understand how our systems work and ensure that they do. Never underestimate the importance of a logistics arm in an enterprise. In business how does the final product get to the customer?Challenge: Go into a part of your organization you are least familiar with. Ask a leader there to explain to you how their system works. Ask what the critical inputs are? What their significant risks are. In short learn a new process

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