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I am a huge fan of the website www.manager-tools.com. Mike Auzenne and Mark Horstman in my opinion run a tight ship on how to be an effective manager. Whoa what was that? MANAGER!!? I thought this was a leadership development site. It is. Reality check: how many of you out there have the honor of leading a team and have absolutely no management responsibilities?…crickets…I thought so. Haven’t you ever wondered why there is so much drama around the difference between leadership and management? Few know the difference because few know what either one truly means.

Well Mark and Mike as I said do an outstanding job teaching managers how to well manage. Everything you wanted to know about how to manage that ALL the B schools forgot to tell you as they minted your MBA and took way too much of your money. If you want to get to the basics of excellence in managing see Mike and Marks site. They have it nailed.

There is one tool they discuss that I want to highlight. I affectionately call it an 03. Whats this, ozone?! What? No a one on one. This is powerful stuff. It allows a direct connection to your immediate team and the opportunity for immediate regular feedback, open clear communication, redirecting coaching as required and an opportunity to get to know your team as more than a name on a salary spreadsheet. Start doing these meetings well and watch your team start getting things done! If you want to learn more check out Mike and Marks site by clicking here be warned though once you get hold of this treasure trove of management training you may swear off of learning to be a leader…nahhh ;-)


Lead well


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