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This site is dedicated to debunking the myths, straightening out the run around and clearing up the mystery that is leadership development. A no nonsense look at how real leaders leaders develop through the eyes of someone in the trenches, me. I have been there and I have come back to take you with me. Lets go, the front lines await!

Leadership Development

My approach to leadership development is always personalized. That is, identify the specific aspects of leadership development you would benefit from, identify motivational factors that enable you to want to grow and then apply resources to only those areas at first. As you embrace the learning process, development is expanded. Together we apply strategic approach leveraging the best resources to magnify your results. Rather than tired old training classes, there are other techniques that are highly effective in developing leadership capacity. Specifically interactive e-learning, targeted coaching, project assignment discovery, and volunteer leadership roles. Each of these has tremendous inherent value that together we will evaluate, pull apart and ensure deep learning occurs.

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