Developing Leaders One on One Coaching Offer

Coaching done well is a one on one activity. The coaching process is personal and a high trust process that helps the client

Leadership Development Goals:

  • clarify their goals,
  • build awareness,
  • develop confidence,
  • achieve results

as they discover new realizations and practice new abilities. The process is confidential and highly effective with an engaged committed client. Whether in person, by telephone or by Skype the coaching process is known to yield remarkable success and results. In the link below some of our past and current clients weigh in with their opinion of the benefit of a coaching engagement.


While the true value of a coaching engagement is in your individual results, the investment in your personal development is priceless. Developing Leaders offers a number of service packages to fit a variety of budgets.

Please contact us to inquire about availability of coaching time slots. Due to demand one on one appointments are extremely limited. Please inquire for availability.

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