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Developing Leaders is happy to announce that it has launched a series of business training programs targeting potential trouble spots in your business. Topics covering business leadership, employee development, continuous improvement, and sales leadership are all available to you and your business through our training course. Contact us to see how you can benefit from these exciting new business program programs.

A Business Training Program Tailored Your Success

Each course takes its basis on solid accepted theory and real world practical application all fashioned into an interactive and exciting training experience. No more talking heads and canned programs, our training courses are customized to your needs and designed to help your business grow.

We teach you HOW! How to lead, how to communicate, how to improve, how to solve problems.

Check out the link here to see what courses are available.

Course offer

Customize Your Program

All courses unless otherwise stated are designed for an 8 hour duration. All programs can be customized in delivery and or content to meet your organizations individual needs.

Standard pricing for the business training program offers are competitive with industry offers. However, our courses are customized, delivered on site at your facility, and can accommodate up to 20 employees easily. This makes our course offer a tremendous value over other training providers. Also note that the training materials are designed by an ICF accredited coach and organizational development expert and incorporate strategies to increase participant awareness, build individual confidence and provide after training experience.


Company Training Programs

Currently we only book programs for companies rather than individuals. This means, unfortunately if you are looking for a walk in type program we may be able to accommodate your needs through a training partner. Please inquire at Alternatively If you have a specific need we recommend you evaluate our coaching offer where we can be far more responsive to your individual needs.

Programs in the Southern California Region

We typically book courses in Southern California with a 2 week minimum lead time to ensure materials are tailored to the individual client needs. Please inquire for pricing and availability in other regions at

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