Alright I got to 40 and got Bored… Let’s talk about Something Else

So I wrote 40 posts on Tom Peters and got bored with the rest because there wasn’t much new there. Hard to add value when there isn’t much to begin with. So I stopped for a while.

I was writing to a group I lead the other day and summarized a leadership / facilitation technique I want to share with you. It’s called “Silence

As leaders we must be sensitive to how various people engage in discussion. Resist the temptation to dominate the discussion when no one answers immediately. Sit in the silence once in a while and wait. It is completely reasonable to answer the question first every so often but we should avoid the temptation to do this frequently. Introverts will not speak up if you do this, the group will start to expect you to carry the discussion and will participate less often. Clearly this is not the outcome we want. We have to give the group room to work and contribute.

Try it sometime you will be surprised by this powerfully effective technique.

Lead / facilitate well

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