Are you a Creature of Habit?

I was reading an article from Fast Company this morning and loved it. The article written by John Hunt relates to a book he write called The Art of the Idea. I loved the article  primarily because I like exercising my right brain from time to time. Too much time in the left brain for this engineer is problematic from a leadership point of view.

Ideas the Enemy of Habit?  You know we all fall victim to the comfort of habit. When was the last time you changed your morning routine, your morning commute. Habit is a good thing for the basics of life yet it can also mask the opportunities that lie just beyond the immediacy of our vision. Ultimately our ability to see old things anew allows us the opportunity to ideate then create new futures. So the opportunity and the challenge is to consider how our habits get in the way of new ideas. The last thing a leader can afford is to accept the status quo and keep doing things the way they have always been done. That’s not leadership, that is a cop out. Check out his video, it makes the point so much more eloquently than I can Lead and vision well Ron

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