Are you in the Leadership Doldrums?

Lately I have been struggling with the repetitive nature of work. For me the excitement comes from the new and unexpected challenges that hit me throughout the day, week, month. I like dealing with new problems. When all the problems seem like old ones it seems as if I did not solve the thing right in the first place.

Fortunately this is not the case. You see leaders deal in relationships. They deal in the frailty of human beings, their habits and behaviors. I learned long ago that people have to be motivated to change. You cannot change them if they do not want to. Perhaps this is a good thing but regardless, when a repeat problem comes up inevitably you can trace its root back to a situation where someone who previously refused to learn and grow is now exhibiting behaviors that led to a repeat problem.

I cannot help you if you don’t want to grow. I cannot help you if you don’t recognize the need for your personal growth. I can only help those who humbly realize that growth is a necessary condition for life. Just consider a human muscle that is never exercised. What happens? Over time it atrophies. Same thing happens to people.

Back to the original challenge: The repetitive (read boring) nature of work. What to do?

One approach is to soldier on slogging your way through hoping this time there might be a better outcome. (sounds like the definition of insanity to me)

Another approach is to be indifferent and not react. This is a recipe for disaster. Don’t do this.

Yet another is to empower your team to take the challenge on themselves. Sounds like fun and is a worthwhile strategy to a point.

Or perhaps we could search for another right answer. Ask yourself what is the underlying cause. Assume that the problem is merely a symptom of a much larger challenge. Continue to search for the true root cause. When you think you have found it you will have a leadership challenge worth tackling. Are you up for it?

Lead well


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