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How do I develop the leaders on my team?

When do you ‘Ask’ versus ‘tell’? Do you have to develop leaders in your current role? For me this question is almost redundant, the “yes” is so obvious (regardless of the position you hold). The question becomes how. Each year

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Do you need a leadership coach?

Last week I was excited to be interviewed by Mike Saunders at We had a great conversation about the practice of leadership coaching. You can find the interview here I encourage you to have a listen. First Mike is an

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Leadership is about Performance. Performance is about Feedback

Was reading an article on LinkedIn this morning on performance management. For me this is a critical component of effective leadership. You may consider it a “management” role, but I consider it a crucial component of leadership. Feedback of the

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Why can’t I get what I want? Leadership Development Tutorial

A manager needs his team to stay over and work extra hard to get a critical order to a customer but gets only lack lustre effort. A supervisor attempts to motivate her team but her inspiring words fall flat. An

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Sales and Leadership

Several Years ago I wrote a series of posts linking Leadership and sales together. I wanted to know if they were in any regard similar activities. At the time I concluded that they did in fact have a number of

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Time for a new Leadership Direction

Over the past 7 years Developing Leaders has provided it customers, friends and blog readers to a wealth of leadership development ideas, concepts and exercises. It has been a joy to do this as there is so much to say

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What should I read? Leadership books I recommend: New Videos

Here are a few books I think every leader should read. I start off with character books that will really make you think. Don Miguel Ruiz’ book the Four Agreements is an excellent start Get your copy here: The Four

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Is Leadership Different than Management

Yes it is. Simply put they are very different. Management theory suggests that there are four core skills needed to be successful. Plan Organize Lead Control the reality of this list is that 1, 2, and 4 are skills that

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ROI on Training: Does Leadership Training Work? Part 2

In this post we continue the discussion on the value of leadership training Our post starts with Jesse Sostrin responding to my earlier post and the question Does training work? Jesse: I agree that many training programs fall short because of

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ROI on Training: Does Leadership Training Work? Part 1

Hey everyone! I am excited to introduce you to a colleague and expert on training and development Jesse Sostrin. I have included his biography below. Jesse earned a PhD from Fielding Graduate School in 2008. This is exactly where I

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