AWOL Leadership: It has Been a While

It’s been a while since I last posted here on the site. Sorry about that but the day job gets in the way from time to time and the last 6 months have been at my capacity constantly.


What is new?


The economy!


Are we in a recession or not? I took an economics course last summer, part of the MBA I am doing as a hobby. In that course I came to the realization that economics is essentially “BS”. Okay a cynical view but seriously it is a social science created to attempt to predict human behavior around consumption. Since humans are notoriously bad at predictions of the future this whole school of thought seemed somewhat silly ot me.


Let me ask you do you need an economist to tell you the world is in recession right now?


Are you waiting to hear that GDP has dropped for the second straight quarter to confirm your fears?


Didn’t think so…


Okay cynical but BS? Yes it is the whole idea of economics from my “semi learned” point of view is that whatever the collective consciousness is regarding the economy is what the economy actually is.


Make sense? No? Let me explain


If the majority of people in a region, country etc believe that the future will be worse than the present, chances are it will be. Why because they will behave in such a way as if to bring about the very conditions they believe will happen. Want a real life example? How many of you have considered how to modify your spending habits when it hit you that there was a recession going on?


If the majority of people in a region believe the future will be better than the present then they will act in such a way as to make the future better. When you are confident in the future the likelihood of making a major purchase goes up doesn’t it? Remember the last car, house, appliance, toy you bought? Didn’t you at least casually consider how secure your finances (read job / career) were before signing on the dotted line?


I hope you are beginning to see the leadership lesson underneath the surface here.


Confidence is a fragile thing and a difficult one to cultivate. However it is the leader who does so. Our role is to put a brave courageous face on in times of uncertainty and fear. Ours is the duty to lead those less confident through the challenges of the present to the better possibilities ahead.


Lead well

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