Being Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Now that you are aware of how you deal with change, it is time to work on improving and mastering it.

The next step to being comfortable with being uncomfortable is to: GET OUT OF THE BOX.

Pick three activities you could never imagine doing alone. For instance, I chose the movies. For some reason the idea of going alone to the movies freaked me out. So in order to force myself to get out of the box and face a fear, I attended Monsters University, alone. Of course the smart thing to do would have been to get there early, before the previews went on and the lights went down. But no, since I dreaded the experience, and talked myself out of it multiple times, then arrived late.. Well ladies and gentlemen, despite the awkwardness I created for myself, I survived the date alone to the movies. Ever since then, I have been able to go almost about anymore alone. I created confidence in myself. Confidence will help be courageous to think outside the box.

Another opportunity to get out of the box, is the next time you are at a meeting or class or even the grocery store, stretch  your mind and try to think of a way the process can be done differently. Force yourself to get out of daily routines or habits; they kill creativity. It can be as little as, sitting in a different seat during your meeting or class. Or going a different route to work. Anything you find doing routinely.

These are just a few ways to stretch your mind and begin feeling comfortable standing alone.

It’s these little things that will help you get out of your little, comfortable box, and start creating the change for the future. You are a leader. Leaders are innovators. As the leadership master, Warren Bennis states in On Becoming a Leader, “Having learned from the past, they [leaders] live in present, with one eye on the future. And each leader puts it all together in a different way.”

We need to become comfortable with change in order to lead our followers through chaos change brings along.

So, I challenge you to visit at least three places you would never consider going alone and face the fear. Trust me, you will survive.

Good luck!

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