Being Comfortable with Being Uncomortable

We are all aware of that dreaded “C” word that lurks around the corner of our future…..


Most, if not all, fear this word. But in reality, this word is inevitable. We can’t control what happens in the external environment, but we can control how we react to it. Growing up in sports, a common saying is often preached during games, “Control the controllables.” Now I was always puzzled by this saying because I am pretty sure controllables isn’t even a word; however, it made absolute sense. Like I said before, we cannot control the change that is lurking around the corner. We can only control our own actions and how we deal with the change.

To be a great leader, we must be comfortable being uncomfortable. Get out of that little box that is holding you back from becoming incredible. Entering grad school I had the mentality of  facing change and challenges without fear as they approach me. I just graduated college, how hard could a little change be? Having the mentality was good and all; however, I was not truly honest with myself. As I  sat in a classroom of six students, most of them at least ten years older than me, the panic began to sink in. The structural and emotional change from undergrad to grad was phenomenal and I was unprepared.

How to be prepared for change: BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF.

As stated in previous posts, being self-aware is crucial to being a successful leader. I am going to take it a step deeper and I want you to not only be self-aware, but be honest with yourself. I know how easily it is to stretch the truth while taking those personality or character tests to make yourself look better. But in the end of the day, those tests and reflections are there to help you and only you become a better leader. Don’t cheat yourself.

A great way to learn about yourself, is through feedback. Start with people you trust and then branch out to coworkers, bosses, and even enemies. This is a great way to see how close your perception of yourself and the perception of how others see you match. (Make sure to include questions about dealing with change) I know this can be scary, but it is a crucial step in becoming truly self-aware and a great leader.

So, I challenge you to get out there and receive some feedback. Face those fears and come to reality to who you truly are you can become a great leader!

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