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Follow Up: Is a Leader born or Made

Lead trainer Ron takes on this age old question We dont look at this question the way most people do. Check out the video Ron

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Are Leaders Born or Made? Really! That question again….

Number one question received on Developing Leaders website? Are leaders born or made? Answer Yes :) Some people are born with traits that enable them to lead naturally and do so with ease. Most of us have the ability to

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Born Salespeople Don’t = Born Leaders

Sales=Leadership – My2Cents The topic ‘Sales=Leadership’ is absolutely fascinating to me, both as a student of Leadership & Management, and someone who had never really stepped fully into a sales role – until one year ago last month, when that

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Linked In Leadership: An exchange with Suresh Srinivasan

One of the cool parts of linked in is the ability to ask thought provoking questions of people all over the world. I am regularly impressed with the quality of responses I receive.So a week ago I launched a question

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Born Versus Made Revisited

  Last week I traveled to San Diego CA to listen to a talk by Jim Kouzes. He and Barry Posner are the authors of the book The Leadership Challenge. This book is in my top five leadership books and

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Is a leader born or made?

Here is a question that is bound to stir up debate. Well which is it? Even the theorists cannot agree. Some say it can be taught and judging by the  1.8 MILLION hits leadership development gets on Google, many would

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