Career Coaching Scholarships: First Time EVER

Hey everyone

Are you out of work? Out of hope?

I am looking to provide a few deserving individuals with scholarships
for career coaching.

* If you live in California
* Are full time in the workforce (but unemployed)
* Motivated to get out of your current situation
* Willing to share your story and testimony when we finish

you may qualify!

I will be taking on a few clients who meet these conditions at a 80%
reduction in my normal coaching rate.

How can I do this?

1. I know that coaching is so powerful that I am looking to
expand my reach and make a difference with more clients.

2. I know this is something I can do to help America get back to work

3. I recognize that it can be a hardship to someone who lost their job to be able to afford a career coach and want to remove that barrier for a few deserving folks.

What can you expect to recieve?

This scholarship will subsidize 5 hours of career coaching. Typically in coaching 5 hours has the ability to help the motivated client
generate significant momentum and change.

In the 5 hours we will
set goals for your achievement
build awareness of who you are
plan how you can execute your goals
explore what barriers may be holding you back from achievement and plan to overcome them
celebrate your success!

How can you take advantage of this scholarship on career coaching?

Contact me quickly at, or text me at nine zero nine seven two eight three five five seven.

When will this opportunity end?

Once the first three candidates have been chosen this offer will close. First come first serve!

What’s the catch?

there isnt one. I want to help you succeed. All I ask is that you meet the criteria, follow through on the coaching outcomes and be willing
to share your story.

Do I have to pay anything?

Yes this is not a free offer but a scholarship. You have to invest in your own success. After the 80% reduction your cost will be $25 per
hour for 5 hours or 125$ total due at the start of the first coaching session. This is a ridiculous price that I can’t believe I am
offering. But as I said I want to do my part for the people of California and get America working.



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