Career Development: The Adventures of Johnny Bunko

Last week author Daniel Pink emailed me to ask if I had read his latest book, The Adventures of Johnny Bunko. Mr Pink and I have had a number of discussions on his other two books A Whole New Mind and Free Agent Nation. I will share reviews of each of these books in the coming weeks but back to the present. I told him that I had not read his new book but upon reading the details at Amazon I was intrigued and told him I would shortly.

Be Bold

Rather than being conservative; buy the book, read the book, email comments to the author I took a different tack. I asked him, “Daniel after I read it would you be willing to come on develop a leader dot com and be interviewed about the book, even make it a podcast?” How did he respond? I will let you know just as soon as we can get a date set for the interview ;-)

Johnny Bunko

This is a unique business book written in the Japanese Manga style. a radical approach to story telling for the American business scene but one that has a tremendous about of potential. This is not some boring old pipe smoking high on himself academic writing here no Daniel Pink is a real down to earth guy from the suburbs. He writes with a clarity that grabs your attention and will not let go. The book is a story of career development. Having read A Whole New Mind I can already see where some of this might go and I am excited to dig in. This is going to be a fun read. Along the way I am sure I will learn from the story a clear message about career development. Who knows we may even discover a leadership lesson or towot nestled in the story line.

till the book is done

Lead and Read Well


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