Who is Developing Leaders Inc.?

Developing Leaders

Vision: Developing people into caring, respectful, and achieving Leaders.

Mission: Leverage training and coaching processes to equip and transform our clients into leaders who consistently and collaboratively achieve sustainable results for and with their constituents.


We demonstrate…

Integrity: We do what we say we will do

Respect: We treat everyone fairly and with dignity

Diligence: We do what it takes to help our customer win

Relationship Building: We embrace others and are interested in them

Relentless Learning: We set the example and increase our capacity

Strategic Goals

  1. Develop and deliver world class engaging training programs to clients.
  2. Build a world class team of industry leaders with excellent training abilities.
  3. Partner with institutions providing incumbent worker training programs and deliver excellence through them.
  4. Partner with national corporations to increase their capacity and their business results
  5. Grow Developing Leaders into a national leader in employee training by 2018.




Developing Leaders started as an idea in 2007.

What if we could change the way people led for the better?

This simple yet powerful question is the seed from which Developing Leaders took root. As the seed germinated other questions came forth.

What if we could teach people to treat others with dignity and respect all the time? What if we could teach people in leadership positions what it really meant to lead? What if we could teach them the skills they needed to be successful, to get results with their followers? What if we could eliminate fear from the workplace as Edwards Deming said so many decades ago.

Developing Leaders started as an idea, an ideal really. Earnestly and small as a web based blog engaging people all over the world on what leadership really meant. Small steps were taken in the early years. With coaching a core focus, we coached a retail manager here, counseled an employee there. During the great recession of 08-09 we were able to coach and train over 100 unemployed individuals and hopeful entrepreneurs in the necessary skills to find opportunities in a bleak world. The informal years (2007-2010) were about finding and articulating a voice of change.


In late 2010 Developing Leaders became a training company. Hired by a first training client we were able to begin to teach incumbent workers the basics of problem solving and improvement. These core themes have been with us since and have grown into mature training programs in problem solving and the Lean and Six Sigma disciplines of continuous improvement. To date we have trained close to 100 green belts and well over 250 lean practitioners. In the process these individuals have saved their companies hundreds of thousands in cost reduction projects. We now offer green and black belt certification and boast 2 black belts and 1 master black belt within our organization.


As a training company Developing Leaders grew. In early 2011 we added Lean manufacturing to our offer and secured a major training project with a local food manufacturer. We also added programs in leadership development to our offer. This formative year was one of trial. The market seemed set upon not allowing us to succeed. Practicing the very skills we teach our clients, the company grew through the adversity. In late 2011 we entered into partnership with a second training provider, fortuitous as the relationship with the first provider took an unexpected hiatus. Building from scratch, we designed and implemented programs in communication, leadership, and supervision. Overall 2011 was financially successful but modest as it supported a very small team of people.


The trial continued in 2012 with this small company slowly building the credibility of delivering excellence in training. Course after course rated excellent by participants, we developed several strategic relationships with business leaders in the Inland Empire. Course development continued unabated adding several interpersonal skill topics to the mix as well as logistics management courses which became a runaway success opening even further doors.

While 2012 was only modestly successful from a financial point of view it was pivotal in the growth of Developing Leaders. Our success led to a breakthrough with our primary training provider client. Our integrity and relational approach and their trust in us led to a conversion of the terms of the work agreement. Originally we were hired as a “technical expert” however this changed based on trust and performance to a company based contract for 2013.


2013 was by all estimates a breakthrough year and very successful. In this year the company grew from a very small team to a group of 7 trainers and 3 support staff. We continued to add clients to the mix. Early in 2013 we added a second major training provider client and through the course of the year added six direct commercial clients. In the third quarter we concluded a contract to bring back our first training provider client and have just recently added a fourth. As a result we expect 2014 to be a significantly successful year.

Course development exploded in 2013 with the addition of a full range of leadership development and management programs. We added team members with highly specialized and recognized capabilities including a professional HR manager PHR certified, a PMP (project management professional) and Black belt certified expert, a master certified Microsoft trainer, three experts in leadership development from different industries including technology, customer service and health care. We recently added an expert in mediation and negotiation to further strengthen the team.

2013 has been very successful in all measures including financially. Our revenue in 2013 is double that of 2011 and 2012 combined!


As of January first 2014 Developing Leaders incorporated and begin a new chapter in its rich history making a difference to an even larger group of employees and leaders in southern California and beyond. Our financial projections show a conservative estimate of revenue at minimum doubling in 2014. We expect to add several new team members to fund the growth and have adopted a geographic account based model. Team members local to our major clients will handle local accounts yet collaborate in providing excellence to all of our clients regardless of location. 2014 will have us training throughout Southern California as well as several other states.

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