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How exactly would a leader go about creating this elusive characteristic of a high performance employee?


Is there something that can be done, some trick to use, strategy to employ? How do you do it?


I often wonder is those in leadership roles even ask these questions. Do they take the time to consider how their team is performing and what role they play in supporting performance? Do they just expect their team to do what they are told, what they are expected to do? Do they reward those who perform well or do they see that as the standard expectation?


Many questions, few answers thus far. In our post of June 22 we discussed how leaders create an environment where employees are motivated to achieve. When we consider engagement this is a very similar term. Engaged employees are highly motivated employees. These two go hand in hand. They are so often seem together they can often be considered synonymous.


I have a great deal of respect for the Gallup Q12 model which asks a series of twelve related questions that get to the heart of an employees engagement. Things such as expectations, resources, feedback, meaningful work and relationships are all referenced in these questions.  As I have mentioned before I believe every starting leader should be required to read First Break All the Rules by Marcus Buckingham and Kurt Coffman. It is an important read for an emerging leader.


Rather than go into detail on this book and share my thoughts on it, I would like to hear from you. Starting in July we here at developing leaders will be sponsoring a series of virtual book application workshops. We will start On Monday August 4th and continue on through September 15th studying one chapter a week. In the next week the details of this plan will be announced. In the mean time pick up the book and get reading. First Break All the Rules

This is going to be great…



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