Do you need a leadership coach?

Last week I was excited to be interviewed by Mike Saunders at We had a great conversation about the practice of leadership coaching. You can find the interview here

I encourage you to have a listen. First Mike is an excellent interviewer and his work provides great insight into business and marketing. Second if you have ever wondered what leadership coaching is really about this podcast will give you insight into this question.

Most people I encounter don’t seem particularly interested in having someone else help them develop their leadership ability. Is this ego? Is this insecurity? Is it confidence that they don’t need help? Hard to know for sure what I do know is this:

Leaders are learners.
There is no end to their thirst to improve and gain new perspective. Hence the best leaders actively seek out opportunities to learn and gain perspective from others.

Leaders are networkers.
Not in the stereotypical sense of collecting business cards at a cocktail party, rather making connections with those they find interesting, fascinating etc.

Leaders are tinkerers.
They are fascinated by how things work, processes, relationships, cultures etc. Understanding how things work gives them the insight into how changes can be implemented.

Leaders are motivators.
Understanding what inspires others, how to influence them, how to communicate with them is critical to leadership success. Excellent leaders are students of human motivation recognizing no two people are alike when it comes to motivation.

Leaders are visionary.
Yup obvious right? But where does vision come from? An ability to examine and contrast both the internal and the external environment is a critical component and where does this come from? Networking, tinkering, learning.

If you haven’t thought about a leadership coach in the past, maybe now is the time…

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