Employee Development: A Hands on Approach

In the shadow of the great recession companies now more than ever are challenged to increase shareholder returns. This primary function of management was never easy but today it is even more challenging. One resource that is often talked about but not as often leveraged is that of the employee development from within the organization. Your workforce is a source of creativity, improvement, and the employees are the lifeblood of your company’s success.

Employee Development, How?

Human Capital

Today few firms have the luxury of an in house organizational development department, or even representative. Typically this role falls on the human resources function as this cousin of OD already deals with people so it logical to add it on to their duties.

Right? Perhaps. The simple fact is though that many HR folks specialize in well HR. OD is a specialization that many HR folks would rather not venture into.

So then what are your options?

1. do nothing

2. do as needed targeted training yourselves

3. do as needed targeted training through a commercial firm

4. Hire an OD consultant

5. Hire a training company with OD expertise

How to Develop Your Employees

1. You can do nothing

We recommend against this. After all keep doing what you have always done and what will you get? The same results which frankly is a failure of managements primary responsibility to develop employees.

2. do as needed targeted training yourselves

Better option, but who does the employee training. A technically skilled person without the ability to train? Most likely you will end up with bored employees unable to apply what little they can recall. A waste of company resource!

3. do as needed targeted training through a commercial firm

Better assuming you conduct the needs assessment correctly and find a commercial firm that does more than a feel good speech for a training class. Again your employee will be significantly challenged to apply what is taught as it will inevitably general in nature.

4. Hire an OD consultant

Expensive good solution that will realize a benefit provided the consultant knows your unique company and culture and can translate that into effective training programs.

5. Hire a training company with OD expertise

The Best Employee Development Approach

We believe this last option is the best approach employee training. Working with a firm that understands both OD and operations from a practical as well as theoretical perspective and can train with excellence sets you up for success. Trainers that understand that training is useless if it cannot be applied for organizational benefit will ensure you see a return on investment.

Employee Training With Experience

When you are looking for a training company there are a number of things you should factor into your decision. On the list is experience in the topic area, expertise in training delivery, track record in helping companies achieve a return on investment, ability to adapt training program to fit organizational culture, ability to engage workforce.

A solution to consider

Developing Leaders’ training programs all have a few key things in common

1. They are practical.

Everything we teach can be directly applied as soon as you leave our classes. In fact this is one of the founding differentiators that we built the company on. We too were sick and tired of attending courses where you might get one or two things worth applying or were lectured to about theory that could not be directly applied.

2. They are fun

Just because you are in a “classroom” doesn’t mean you should be subjected to mind numbing boredom. Our classes are fun, interactive and designed with the adult learner in mind. We regularly receive rave reviews for our classes.

3. They have an ROI (return on investment)

Our continuous improvement classes are a case in point. Students regularly leave our classes and find straight forward projects that save their companies money. In many cases savings of $5000+ have been reported. Our interpersonal and leadership programs while more difficult to quantify also have direct impact on the bottom line through the participants ability to motivate their team toward higher performance.

4. They are taught by practitioners first, experts second

Our focus is on putting a trainer in front of you who has done exactly what they are talking about. They are not making stuff up or teaching from a text book. Our leadership trainers have over 15 years of leadership experience and masters degrees in leadership. Our software trainer has over 15 years of technical support and is master certified in the Microsoft Office suite. Our logistics trainer has 20 years of international logistics experience and an MBA from a prestigious California University. Our Lean Six Sigma trainers have 10 years plus as either certified black belts, master black belts, or Lean Sensei.

Real trainers providing engaging training programs to assist you in moving your company forward.


Take Action

the question is: Who are you trusting your employees development to? Are you leveraging real world experience and expertise plus an ability to make training relevant, engaging and actionable?

we recommend you call us for a free consultation on how Developing Leaders can assist you in developing the capability and performance of your team today.

Ron Hurst




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