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Hi there.

I have a few questions for you.

Why should you consider Ron Hurst for your next event?

Lets put credentials and experience aside for a moment. The one thing you need to know about Ron is that he is no ordinary speaker. In fact he really isn’t a speaker at all…

Ron is a leader. He is a trail blazer that speaks from conviction, passion and purpose.

Professional Leadership and Management Trainers

Tell me who leaves a cush corporate job as a plant manager in a successful global company in the heart of the great recession to start his own company? Ron.

Who works tirelessly for his clients to see ordinary men and women transform themselves into capable strong individuals who can lead within their company’s? Ron.

Who seeks first the individuals development even in a corporate setting? Ron.

Its not about following well worn paths for Ron, it is about blazing a new trail. Ron celebrates the uniqueness of each person. He speaks (trains and coaches) from a place of curiosity and wonder. Each client, each leader, each moment an opportunity to build capacity.

Several years ago Ron uttered the statement “I just want to make a difference” in response to a terse question why are you here. It may seem a cliche answer on the surface, however it foreshadowed a deep heartfelt desire that has guided his entire career. Each step, each role, each accomplishment all bring into focus his ability to help others grow. The difference Ron has always sought to make is to increase the capability of those around him. His spotlight, his students success.

Consider Developing Leaders for Your Next Event

So Why should you consider Ron as a speaker for your event?

Ron will bring passion and purpose to your team. His talks customized to your business offer universal appeal and opportunity to grow. Its not just an opportunity to work faster or harder with Ron, the real opportunity is for you as a person to grow and expand your life capabilities.

How can you book Ron?

You can book me directly by contacting me here at Developingleaders.co

For an overview of my One Sheet please please refer to the following Link

How is Ron different from other speakers?

More Than a Motivational Speaker

This is where it gets fun. Ron does not consider himself a motivational speaker. In fact when he trains on motivation he regularly teaches the importance of internal motivation rather the external sources. For Ron it is about connecting with the audience. It is said that leadership is a relationship and Ron not only believes this but walks it out every day. Caring for his students, developing relationships with them. Ron is a real guy with blue collar roots. He knows what it means to EARN a living with your hands and back. He knows what it means to lead from the front lines and connect meaning to work.  He brings this real world perspective into his communication.

Quality Event Planning Without The Fluff

No you don’t get a cheerleader or a comedian. You get a passionate man, sincere, authentic and real. Your team will walk away from your event cared for,  focused, and challenged to enact what they learn.


Here are a list of some recent events Ron Spoke at

2015/03/19 Inland Empire SHRM meeting

2015/02/19 Inland Empire Manufacturers Conference Riverside CA

2015/02/11 Inland Empire Safety Leaders Meeting

2015/01/15,19 ULV International Business Certificate Program

2014/05/14 California Unemployment Insurance Conference Long Beach CA

Please find the audio from this conference here: CUIC Event

2014/02/21 Inland Empire Manufacturers Conference Ontario CA

2013/11/13 Logistics Company Management Meeting

2013/07/30 ULV Athletic Department Retreat

2013/07/13 Transportation Company Retreat

2013/05/20 ULV Students Union Speech

2011/09/07 San Bernardino County Business Excellence Seminar

2011/03/31 Argosy University Students Union Speech

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