Failure Sucks! Leadership Development Lesson… Fail Quietly

In the past several months here at develop a leader dot com and over at the partner blog material leadership, we have written a lot about failing. What we have been saying is absolutely right, you need to know how to learn from mistakes and take risks that may end up in your failing at times. All that is very true and offers the developing leader a training ground to gain the necessary experience to deepen their ability to lead. At the same time we did not address the fact that this is down right hard. It is embarrassing, frustrating and just a pain in the you know what to live through. Ya its all well and good to talk about it from a coaches stand point but the coach isn’t living it!

Well can’t agree more. Failure sucks! We hate it too. So you still need to take risks you still will fail. I saw a video the other day on Youtube that I want to share. It is very much on point. As much as a leader must deal with failure and rise up from the ashes, they must have the wisdom and the resilience to know how to do so. You will find this video inspiring, we did. Check it out at Famous Failures.

In the mean time practice what a wise friend of mine does when you want to take risks and experiment find areas where they will be relatively unknown. Take risks in private or in small things to start. Think of it like a pilot program where to test out an idea on a small scale or in a lab. Like one of the stars of the Youtube video Thomas Edison, he discovered over a thousand ways that a light bulb doesn’t work before he found one that did. Fail quietly great advice.

Lead well

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