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What can human resource management do to develop leaders and managers?

As the site grows we are finding that people searching for answers to some pretty practical questions are finding us here at develop a leader dot com. For instance as we were analyzing web traffic we found the following key word phrase and noticed that Google ranked Developing Leaders as result number 8.

What can human resource management do to develop leaders and managers?

This may seem like a “so what” moment but seriously this is not a question we have addressed in any way here on the site. So what the heck lets take it on shall we…

One of the challenges with HR management is that they tend to be on the sidelines in many organizations. They simply are not treated as equal partners in the organizational value chain. As a result many HR departments are treated as service providers instead of partners. How can HR managers develop leaders? Well first they need to look in the mirror and overcome the inherent disadvantage.

I have met many HR professionals. Some were excellent administrators, others fantastic empathizers, others strict policy makers and yet others create geniuses. What I did not see many of were those with substantial leadership ability, business acumen and technical HR skill. Many were simply not multi-dimensional enough to hold their own with other business leaders. This is a clear generalization I know yet there is an opportunity here. This is the point I wish to make, not the criticism but the opportunity.

Each business leader must bring their technical expertise; this is part of the price of admission. To gain the influence to develop the next generation of organizational leaders, you need to bring more. You must demonstrate through your capability and experience the ability to be an equal partner in the business enterprise. So learn to read a balance sheet, interpret a cash flow statement, cast a compelling vision, lead a team through a substantial change. You cannot settle for the opportunity to become an in-sourced training department. What will this lead to outsourcing of you and your department of course. Have you not heard of the trend of outsourcing the HR function?

Develop solid results in your area of expertise, and make valued contributions outside of it where possible. Volunteer to be a part of cross functional project teams and help bring in significant performances. Challenge the status quo by seeking out and changing tired old practices in collaboration with those in the organization you can count as allies. Most of all develop yourself into an expert leader with a reputation for delivering results. This is your best shot at a seat at the table where you can influence the development of other organizational leaders.

Lead well

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