Help My Boss is an Idiot! 5 Steps to Freedom: Part 4

Help my boss is an idiot! 5 steps to freedom: Part 4

Okay here we are at the end! How are you enjoying and learning from this article? As we wrap up I want you to see a clear theme within this post. You are the author of your career. Only you will care enough about your career to make it a success. It is critical that you own it. Whether your boss is an idiot or not it’s up to you to be professional and take proactive steps to get yourself in a better situation.

Step 4: Decide

Step 4 is tied closely to step 3. We ultimately need to make a decision to stay or go.

Do not make the mistake many disengaged employees throughout America make: quit but stay on the job.

This ultimately will become a self-fulfilling prophesy where your performance becomes your downfall. Think about it, you hate your boss he treats you poorly so your motivation wanes. You start to go through the motions doing the least amount you can out of spite or frustration. Your idiot boss notices the drop and takes you to task in an abrupt insensitive way. This justifies your unconscious decision to underperform and you now feel warranted to do more of the same. Folks this can easily lead to a tragic outcome; you looking for a new position only now you have been fired.


So Decide how you will move forward…


Step 5: Move beyond

Whatever your decision, live it with integrity. If you stay, perform at your highest and grow. If you decide to leave but are not ready, take the time to perform and prepare for the next step in your career. If you choose to leave, do it wisely. Map out your plan and leave without regret.

In the end it’s really not about the idiot boss at all. It’s about you and your journey to be a complete and contributing person – proud of who you are, satisfied with what you accomplish and in harmony with those around you.


Lead well



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