How do Leaders Develop?

How do leaders develop? Now here is a question you can sink your teeth into. What is the process? Do you train them, do you throw them in the deep end, do you send them off to college, to the Army, Navy, Marines? How do they develop? There are as many answers to this question as there are leaders who could respond. Which are right, well the answers that come from developed leaders of course! 

Leadership is a journey filled with experiences learning and reflection. What works for one leader does not necessarily work for another. In fact a leader is best developed as an individual. That is not to say individually but as an individual. Some of the best leaders of the ages have been military leaders while others have been politicians, yet others have been spiritual leaders and humanitarians. It does not matter where they start so much as what they learn and who they become. What is the value of a one day all inclusive leader training class? I have no idea what matters is what the student takes away from that day and what they do to incorporate what they have learned afterward. Where do you stand? How do leaders develop?

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