How do you Develop yourself as a Leader? The Question @ Linked In

Last week I asked a question on Linked In about leadership development efforts. I wanted to know how other professionals develop themselves. So I asked them…

How do you approach your own development as a


I am constantly fascinated with the number of offers on how you can learn leadership. Coaching, mentoring, web courses, commercial training, volunteerism, company training etc.

Which one works though? How do you approach your own development as a leader?

For the record mine is a combination of on the job experience, mentoring, college program, webinars. How about you?

So you have a couple of ways you can contribute. You can go to Linked In and post directly (you will have to sign up for a free account first if you do not have one. But I will link to you if you invite me!) or you can comment here. So what do you think, how do you develop?

When the question closes (in about a 5 days) I will share some of the highlights of the discussion over at Linked In.

Lead well


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