How do you lead through crisis?

Developing Leaders was given a special honor the other day. Terrance Seamon the author of a great blog called Here We Are Now What? asked Ron to be a guest blogger on a series called Leading in the Crisis. A look at how we can use our leadership abilities to get through the recession we find ourselves in. Terry’s blog is one of our favorites, we are sure you will enjoy reading it as well. Terry takes a learning approach to his writing as he is an organizational development expert. Ron actually interviewed him a while back on the concept of purpose. You can check that interview out here. Interview: Terrence Seamon The Leadership Coach 

Anyway Ron dug into the task and came up with a great post you will want to read.  It addresses the angst of leading in an uncertain time. A time when we are enticed to find comfortable solutions to difficult challenges. Enjoy the post

Lead well 

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