How much does it cost to learn to lead?

Recently I was looking at a leadership development program marketed online from a well respected establishment. One course five days experiential in nature taught by experts focused on allowing you to discover your leadership style. What a great concept. Price tag for this invaluable gem of experience

Over $6000. Wow. That is a lot of money isn’t it. 

That got me thinking about other ways to accelerate your leadership development learning. You could go to school and get an advanced degree. (I have to admit I actually have done this. This is not my primary leadership development process but it has been part of my journey). Price tag for this extensive leadership development journey?

Over $18,000 Man that is even more money! 

You could read a lot of leadership books and try applying what you learn. There are certainly a number of excellent leadership books out there. I know I have read many of them. There is no end to the advice they offer, no end to the models they hypothesize. No end to the aspects of leadership you can learn about. Price tag for this bookish experience?

About $25 per book. 

Okay now we are getting somewhere. I can afford $25.So if I read say 10 books apply what they say I can be a great leader…? Yeah right. 

Here is the fundamental problem. A system needs a feedback mechanism to tune its performance. In the absence of feedback we just keep doing what we have always done expecting a good result. You know as well as I this does not work. The leadership development program I talked about above got several things right. They are all about feedback. They are all about providing experienced leaders to teach you how to lead. They just want to charge a very dear price for it and hand it to you in a week.  Nice and tidy they get the money you get the knowledge you are on your own to implement when you step back into the real world. Oh of course they can help you there too for a price… So how do you grow as a leader? 

My recommendation: hire a coach. For a manageable investment you gain access to immediate feedback, external perspective, effective diagnostic tools and so much more. 

Look leadership is a hands on thing and within it there are many challenges, obstacles and opportunities. If you are lucky you will find mentors who help you navigate the terrain. If you have one great if you don’t hire a coach. In effect interacting with us here at Develop a Leader dot com is exactly that. We help our clients through leadership challenges, we are your coach! We have tools here that can help you grow into a highly effective leader.

We have real world experience in leadership roles in the front lines. We offer candid effective feedback to help you grow.We know what leading is. This is not an egg headed academic site no this is real world leaders sharing with other leaders how to well… lead. 

If you want to take your leadership journey to the next level you need a coach.

So contact us, find out how you can take your leadership ability to a new level of competence.

Learn to Lead well


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