If Leadership Development is so Important why do so Many Companies Do it so Poorly…If at All?

Who knows!

Well okay now that the cynicism is out I can answer the question. Leadership is generally a poorly understood phenomenon. We all seem to understand it and recognize it when we see it, but few of us if pressed could say what it is. Oh sure we would talk about integrity, charisma, eloquence, decisiveness and on and on. But what we have done is provided a checklist, if not a wish list, of things we deamily think make up the best leaders.

Organizations get so caught up in getting things done that they fail to recognize the need to develop talent. Rather they use the tried and true “trial by fire” or better yet “hire then fire” approaches. Few invest in the capabilities of their teams before it is needed when it can best be nurtured.

Every now and again some “with it” soul recognizes the need, the process, the price of inaction. They speak up, they attempt to influence and many of this select group get cut to the floor under the barrage of financial ROI calculations and measured value before anything of value is achieved.

Do you work there? Does your company develop their young leaders?…. Didn’t think so.

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