Introducing: New Developing Leaders Team Member Logan Cashwell

Hey everyone did you read yesterdays post?

The author was a good friend and colleague Logan Cashwell. Logan and I attended school together a few years back where we studied leadership. I asked Logan if he would like to join our team here at Developing Leaders and he graciously agreed. So you can expect to see posts from him regularly on the site.

Logan brings a unique perspective to our team. He has a solid foundation and knowledge of leadership development and leadership training and all the while a great sense of humor. I for one am looking forward to having a partner in crime for the Developing Leaders podcast not to mention a more light hearted approach to articles about leadership.

Logan is in a sales role currently and as such has a front line perspective on the ways in which leadership and sales relate to one another. His post yesterday does an excellent job of capturing the similarity don’t you think.

So let’s give Logan a big Developing Leaders welcome and comment on his posts and interact with him here at the site.

Welcome Logan

Lead well


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